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I haven't even played this yet, and it's amazing. I didn't think anybody'd have a danganronpa simulation! And it's gonta :D I got the good ending on all of them except the first one. I love the game- It seems like it would be fun to milk it of every piece of dialogue it has! Good work! I hope you'll make something like this again in the future!
On a side note: the worst score you can get in gala dinner is -3400, i have a screenshot of me getting that score!

Also what you get when you get all the lowest scores is on point lmaoo


is it okay if I ask how many endings there are? ive unlocked quite a few so far.


There are 4! Good, ok, bad and worst

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I broke the game :L

In Act 4, I skipped dialouge that would be a choice. But I hit the arrow instead, and now I can't do anything.

Also for the Rainy Date, how do I get the max score?

thank you for the heads-up!! here is a guide for the best scores for each level:

uhh I need help getting the lowest score possible helpp

here ya go!

So basically bring mondo, bees and a manhole cover everywhere

basically. The holy trifecta of ungentlemanly dressing

Love the art style and the game play is really fun. I've played this game multiple times to see all the endings and so far it hasn't gotten old!

This game is really relaxing, and cute. I only have one question- whats the max points you can get. Thank you for your time! Have a good day.

thank you so much for playing! the max score you can get is 10000 points. here's a guide for the best score in each level if you're interested:

Thank you!

Fun game. It was nice to play through a calm DR experience. 

Especially one with Gonta, he's one of my favorite characters. I like the whole concept of this game. Would love another game like this, but maybe with other characters. 

Only thing is, the music was a bit unfitting. I understand the issue with copyright, so for anyone who wants to play this with more DR music, mute the in-game music and play this video in the background while you play the game. It really boosted the experience for me. 

Either way, game was fun and I hope you make more in the future!


you should do one with angie! it would be nice and cute ♥

also i love this game. byakuya's faces are G O L D


I question where he got some of his clothes XD


Mondo is  the best accesory

hes so pissed all the time lol

He is secretly happy that he got invited to the birthday party

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hehe he probably is

hed be very happy if ishimaru was invited too ;)

I really like this fanmade game. Glad I found it! Also, why is Mondo in the accessory? XD

Thank you, I'm glad you had fun with it!!! Bringing a scary-looking gang leader as your uninvited guest anywhere will decrease gentlemanliness, no matter how dapper you dress. Unless it's your own birthday party, where inviting him is a very gentlemanly gesture. He's under accessories since that seemed the best fit.

I see. That's interesting!

such a cute and relaxing game, I love how many clothing options there are! will there be more social events in the future to dress him up?

thank you! A new event and more clothes are coming in the future!

I love this!! but am i overlooking the shoes?? or are their none? not a complaint just confused.

in the game the character is from he doesn't wear shoes, but an option for shoes will be available in a future update!



Omg, this is the best! I will protect this boi with my life!!

Ah this is so cute! I'd love a downloadble version!