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This is a small fan game featuring Gonta Gokuhara from NDRV3.

Dress up Gonta appropriately for the most gentlemanly occasions.

Available for browser, desktop and Android.


Daily Beetle Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License




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Gentleman_Dressup_2.0_android.apk 43 MB
Gentleman_Dressup_2.0_download.swf 35 MB

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Deleted 6 days ago
Deleted 6 days ago

even though I know nothing about NDRV3, this is funny

how do i download this????

i used this http://www.softsea.com/download/SWF-File-Player.html you download and install it then you can open the SWF file and play it on there im not sure how to play it through the browser tho

i cant even download this help-


how do i get ibuki?

(1 edit)

if you still need this you should leave him in his clothes every time

How do you get Monokuma?

ive been trying to get ibuki for ages now, could i have a guide?

I really like this game, Gonta's one of my favorite characters! This is the obviously best outfit I made. :) I suppose it's not surprising I got Kokichi first try.

How did you get Kirumi and Monokuma?

there's a danganronpa reference. I'm sreaming rn

This game is p e r f e c t

So far i got Wolf cousin, Kaede, K1-B0, and kokichi!


Não consigo instalar. Não veio nenhum app no arquivo baixado. 

Por favor, alguém me diga como baixa-lo


Você pode jogar sem ter que instalar


when u kin kokichi and get him first try *laughs* NEE HEE HEE 

How do you get Monokuma and Kirumi!!! Ive been trying so hard :(

Here are some guides that helped me! (sorry for the late reply) 




ah thank you! (its okay broski)


this is the best game ever

hhhhh im trying to get monokuma and i keep getting kokichi, does anyone know the WORST scoring combinations for each event?


How do I get this I can’t download this?


I love how wholesome this game is, I legit teared up from how adorable and sweet he is (TwT) I need a man like him, I am a lonely boyo (-w-'')

this game's so wholesome! It's fun to try to get to see diffrient scores and routes :)


how to get the frickin game


since i cant install it bc my pc dosent work right. enjoy this! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I6mlt8zAOzs&list=PLz0usC0b15sNMunQY7o4ypRBKD6veP311&index=29


Hi I'm sorry for bothering but when I try to download this game in app it says "no manager for the installer unknown" does anybody know how to fix this issue? :c


this game is a 10/10 i really enjoyed playing it

h o w 



when you get everyone :)


How did you get Kirumi, Monokuma and Ibuki!? I need to know🥺


you get ibuki from at least how i did was from randomizing.


Do you know how to get Monokuma?


just got all the endings!! this game is so cute :) 💕


how did you get kiibo? kirumi is 10000, kaede is 3000,  ibuki is 1000,  wolf is 0, -3000 is kokichi , and -11300 is monokuma but i cant seem to get below that and he is nowhere between kokichi or monokuma


Kiibo is between Kaede and Ibuki :)

i think i got around 1,200 for him :)

How do you get Monokuma?

i heard you can get ibuki. h o w 

i got a 400 overall score and got her :)

I just kept aiming for B :)

I paid for the game, and it's not allowing me to play it. It relays the message "There is no application set to open for (file name here); Search the App Store for an application that can open this document, or choose an existing application on your computer." 

I am sadly unable to play the game I paid for. 

i used http://www.softsea.com/download/SWF-File-Player.html to play mine

A that worked really well for me cause I didn't have anything to launch swf files thx

still didn't work for me; is it because I have a Mac? 

the link caspersmoon sent is for Windows, you will need to search for "swf player mac" and you should find some free programs that can play the swf file. 

when you download the swf file you can drag it into safari to play

very sorry to hear that, the issue might be that you need a program to run a flash file (.swf file) on your computer. try downloading the application Caspersmoon posted in their reply. otherwise, you can also play it in your browser, just remember to enable flash in the browser you're using. it is also available as a download for android devices which should run it fine.

if you're still having trouble, message me and i'll try my best to help! thank you for the support!

Hey uhm- I’m new to this site... how do you actually play the game? It says I have the file downloaded I just have no idea how to play- -w-“


The game Wont open for me and the donloads dont work :(


click the link that says enable flash and then it should work for you :D thats what i had to do


Man I love this game sooo mutch. Right now I'm on hunt for good dress up games, 'cuz I'm planing to do one in game jam. This one gives me interesting ideas for shure. (and filled my thirst for male dress ups.)

Only thing that kidna botherd me was, that there was (for me) quite small amount of casual, but good looking pants and boots.

it's almost impossible to access the hats and accessories in chrome, but its over all still a great game!!!


Honestly , this game is the reason I started shipping Gonta with both Ryoma and Gundham--

Also, I got all of the end results! [After a lot of trial and error] I love this game, it's so cute and fun! If I said everything I love about this game, the comment would be too long, so I'm gonna stop now (-u-"  Great job making this!!




Gundham? Is he IN this game?!?

10/10!! The concept is neat and it's a fun time! And what a laugh some of those dresses are. And the rating system is on point. Great job!

Are You Gonna Make A Sequel To this game? I would love that or more updates?


likely not, i've pretty much done everything i wanted for this game. though i am open for ideas and suggestions; if there is enough material i might consider an update!

I got both the tojo end and ouma end

Deleted 94 days ago
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